NC SPIN’s Tom Campbell Interviews Governor Pat McCrory

| January 10, 2014 | 3 Comments

Welcome to this special edition of NC SPIN. Our old friend Bill Friday had a longstanding tradition of conducting a conversation with the sitting Governor of our State as one year ended and another began. NC SPIN is very pleased to continue that tradition as we have Governor Pat McCrory as our guest on this program.

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  1. Robert Bell says:

    Tom, Absolutely no holding our esteemed governor accountable for anything — ANYTHING including his questionable hires of politically conected employees, turning his back on the state’s teachers and public education while increasing funding to charter schools. On and on it goes. Suggestion: Take step aside and let a journalist handle next year’s interview.

  2. John Smithson says:

    Tom, that was a great campaign ad. Way to ask the hard questions! The “Mainstream Media” who question the Governor’s policies are Democrats? That is a little too Fox News like for NC Spin. I hope that is not where the show is going. I am a McCrory voter and supporter but there are many issues I have questions about and you did nothing to explore them with the Governor. This is not an interview with Betty McCain, it is the current Governor! I expected more from NC Spin.

    • NC SPIN says:

      I’m sorry if you were disappointed in the interview. I am not FOX News. If so, my questions would have been considerably more critical, argumentative and uncivil, but that wasn’t what this interview was about. My opinion is that the office of Governor deserves respect, as does the officeholder. He deserves to have an opportunity to give his opinions to the people in his own way, without ambushes or the cable news approach so prevalent today. Let me suggest you go back and watch the interview again. I challenged him for answers on many points. I gave Pat McCrory the opportunity to speak and if you are disappointed, perhaps it is more his answers than my questions that disappointed you.
      Thank you for watching

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