After SPIN! 1/25/15 – “How will the lack of experienced Legislators affect the General Assembly?”

| January 29, 2015

After SPIN! – Question to Peg O’Connell: “110 of the 170 elected legislators in our General Assembly less than five years experience. What does that tell you about how business will be conducted? Does this mean that those with more experience will dominate the session and does it give legislative staffers more authority?”

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  1. Vicky Hutter says:

    Wish we could do the same thing with professional politicians in Congress who do not put the needs of the people they represent or nation first but instead look out for their own vested interests and playing games with their colleagues across the aisle. It may be a breath of fresh air to allow other people to serve the people instead of the usual suspects. Term limits are definitely needed for legislators at both the state and federal levels.