After SPIN! Video – “What Didn’t You Get To Say?”

| March 20, 2017

After SPIN! Video from the March 19th program:

In this video our panelists discuss what they didn’t get to say on last weeks show.

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  1. Norm Kelly says:

    Yup, that’s right. Call it like it is. Vulgar protests. Vulgar being the operative word.
    When the prior president occupied the office, leftists, zealots, media types, blamed Republicans and conservatives for all kinds of things. Turns out arch-left-wing zealots know how to put Republicans and conservatives to shame when it comes to getting vulgar AND violent. When it comes to vulgar and violent, left-wingers make conservatives look like kindergarteners. We on the right side of the aisle (and usually on the right side of issues) look like amateurs in our protests when compared to lefties. They are violent and destructive. We are blamed for violence that doesn’t exist. Yet, they do both violence and property destruction, and their leaders and compatriots in media don’t cover it. They leave behind trash and human debris yet the coverage doesn’t explain how these ‘environmentalists’ destroy wherever they go.
    Leftists are the biggest hypocrites going. They lie without hesitation. They refer to their opposition with words that describe themselves. They demand from others what they are not willing to put forth themselves. Like Nancy ‘ive lost my mind’ Pelosi when she said that we’d have to pass socialized medicine to know what’s in it yet insist that repeal laws MUST be fully vetted by the public before they can be considered by Congress.
    Everything about libs/socialists/left-wing zealots is bad, wrong, misleading, and meant to favor the elite few. Tax, spend, special favors, special groups, lie, mislead, obfuscate, get violent, be vulgar. What’s to admire or endorse?