After SPIN! Video – “Are Republicans holding children’s health care hostage?”

| December 20, 2017

After SPIN! “Question to Chris and John – DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen told us that funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, called CHIP will run out in January or February. How will this impact North Carolina children?”

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  1. Norm Kelly says:

    So, what’s the difference between ‘holding children hostage’ and using a good bargaining chip? When libs/socialists/demons decide they don’t like being in the minority and whine/hold up some legislation/budget item that Republicans want to get passed, Republicans can then put chip on the table. Libs can either go along to get what they want, or they can shut down central planners.
    You mean to tell me that libs have never done anything like this? Really? If you really believe so, please provide proof. That goes for Chris as well. This is simply good politics. Everyone KNOWS without doubt that libs will definitely try to hold up Republican plans, will threaten to have Republicans shut down central planners, and every other thing in order to get their way. And they will be on every television broadcast whining about whatever it is they want, so it’s good that Republicans are using whatever they can to bargain with. And if libs are as concerned about kids as they claim, they will go along to get along. And we know libs do whine and they DON’T care about kids – they care about ‘feeling’ good about kids and maintaining power & control.