After SPIN! Video – “Is it time to re-examine how power companies are regulated?”

| October 4, 2017

After SPIN! “Question to John and Chris – A nonprofit installed solar panels on the roof of a Greensboro church and sold electricity generated from these panels for a very cheap rate. Duke Energy protested saying that sale violates their monopoly as a regulated utility. The State Utilities Commission agreed, as did the NC Court of Appeals, raising the question as to what is considered a public utility. Is it time for us to re-examine those laws and should small energy providers be judged on the same basis as big regulated companies?”

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  1. Johnny Hiott says:

    I’m inclined to think the main reason state govt. and courts are so willing to support Duke power’s monopoly is due to the millions of dollars it extorts from consumers through taxes. The state should be disallowed from taxing electricity as it also regulates the cost of it to consumers. Therefore anytime the state desires more extorted monies from the consumer it simply allows rate increases.