After SPIN! Video – “Should we take the death penalty decision away from prosecutors?”

| July 2, 2015

After SPIN! “Question to Chris Fitzsimon – The Center for Death Penalty Litigation says that in 56 cases they studied prosecutors used the death penalty as a threat to coerce confessions from defendants and that it is most often used when the evidence is the weakest. Some are suggesting we either eliminate the death penalty or take the decision whether to seek the death penalty out of the hands of prosecutors. What say you?”

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  1. Frank Burns says:

    We need to keep the death penalty to protect the public from heinous crimes. The criminals get out of prison and commit the same crimes over and over again. In addition we need to speed up the process and reduce the number of appeals. When the death penalty is given, the execution should be compete within one year. The lawyers have created a monster with all of the appeals. They don’t mind it as they get the benefit of more and more fees.