After SPIN! Video – “What changes are being made to annexation protest petitions?”

| July 14, 2015

After SPIN! “Question to Rufus Edmisten – The legislature has passed a bill to repeal protest petitions from neighborhoods that didn’t want to be annexed. In its place the legislation allows these affected neighborhoods to present written input to the city and that a two-thirds majority would be necessary to override the annexation. What do you think of this new approach and will it serve both the citizens and the municipalities well?”

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  1. Richard L Bunce says:

    Property rights do not exist at the whim of the majority. There should be NO involuntary annexations allowed. If property owners want to be annexed into a municipality they can request it. Also the County Council should also have to approve any annexation by a municipality in their County whether voluntary or not.

    NC Legislature needs to reign in their State Chartered Municipal Corporation creations. They have been given far to many powers and assumed far too many more with the State being lax in it’s oversight.