Chris Fitzsimon

Chris Fitzsimon is the Director of NC Policy Watch, a project of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation in Raleigh. Fitzsimon writes the daily Fitzsimon File, delivers a daily radio commentary that is broadcast statewide on the North Carolina News Network, and hosts News and Views, a weekly radio news magazine that also airs on the network stations.

Prior to NC Policy Watch, Fitzsimon served as the spokesman of the Campaign to Protect America’s Lands, a national, nonartisan advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. The Campaign works on a wide variety issues affecting public lands and the Department of the Interior and publishes a newsletter, issues policy reports and works with local groups across the country.

Before heading to Washington, Fitzsimon was the Founder and for nine years the Executive Director of the Common Sense Foundation in Raleigh, North Carolina. Common Sense is a nonpartisan, nonprofit public policy foundation whose mission is to expand the policy debate in North Carolina to include the views and voices of those traditionally locked out of that debate.

He is also a frequent speaker across North Carolina on government and politics. Fitzsimon has been quoted in scores of national publications including the New York Times, USA Today, the Christian Science Monitor, the Nation, and Columbia Journalism Review.Fitzsimon appears weekly on N.C. Spin, a North Carolina television news talk show aired on stations across the state.

Chris was an award-winning television news reporter for nine years, including four years at North Carolina Public Television and three years at WRAL-TV in Raleigh, where he covered government and politics. In 1991 he left WRAL to become Special Assistant for Policy and Communications for House Speaker Dan Blue. He left Speaker Blue in the spring of 1994 and founded the Common Sense Foundation later that summer. Fitzsimon, who lives in Raleigh, has a B.A. in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill.

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