Doug Raymond

Doug Raymond’s path to becoming a political consultant was far from typical.

A high school Social Studies teacher, he moonlighted as a conservative talk radio host on WTKF in Morehead City.   Soon the radio became his full time calling and it wasn’t long before conservative candidates came seeking his advice.

In 2000, Doug founded Doug Raymond Productions, a  marketing and advertising agency and shortly thereafter a political consulting company, Campaign General.

Doug has handled campaigns from County Commission up to United States Congress.  He’s produced media for United States Senate races and was NCGOP Chairman Tom Fetzer’s lead media consultant during the 2010 election cycle which saw Republicans gain control of the legislature for the first time in over 100 years.

Over the years, Doug has gained a reputation as a “messaging expert” due to his ability   to craft complex issues into easy to understand language.   He splits his time between his home base on the coast in Carteret County and numerous political projects in Raleigh.

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