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| January 30, 2014

Gary Pearceby Gary Pearce, Talking About Politics, January 29, 2014.

Some Republicans probably would like to get Sen. Bill (Mad Dog) Rabon a rabies shot – or get him fixed, if you know what I mean.
Rabon’s now-famous rant just shows that, in politics, the worst wounds are self-inflicted. Rabon diminished his own stature, put his bosses in an awkward spot and gave folks more reasons to despise the arrogance in the General Assembly.
This bone gives us a lot to chew on.
First we have a leading Senator cussing, bragging and boasting about how important he is. Real leaders never have to tell you how important they are.
Then Senate leaders say they’ll kill the bill because Mr. Powerful’s comments to his constituents were recorded and made public. That’s public policy by petulance.
Apparently, only powerful legislators have the right to speak. But you can’t tape them or quote them.
Then we have a Republican legislator suggesting that the Governor and First Lady broke the law by speaking up for the bill. (By the way, good for the McCrorys for caring about puppies. Now what about children whose families can’t get food stamps from DHHS?)
Senator Rabon did provide this interesting insight. He said McCrory asked him: “Well, Bill, what in the hell is wrong with a bill that just makes people feel good?”
Believe me, there is nothing in this episode that makes people feel good about their leaders in Raleigh.


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