It’s hard to defend bogus election protests

| April 21, 2017

Editorial by Fayetteville Observer, April 19, 2017.

We think they protest too much. Granted, the investigation released this week by Democracy North Carolina makes the state’s Republican Party look bad. And political parties these days tend respond to anything with furious bluster.

But what the voting rights group revealed in its study of the post-election protests that Republicans filed in 37 counties last year only confirmed what was obvious from the start: The charges of massive voting irregularities were nonsense. They were little more than a desperate final attempt to salvage former Gov. Pat McCrory’s losing quest for a second term. Most of the protests were dismissed by Republican-led local boards of elections across the state because they were, to be kind about it, not supported by evidence.

Yet former Congressman Robin Hayes, who’s chairman of the state GOP, quickly fired off an over-the-top broadside, saying, “This attack, from a secretly funded left wing group connected to Governor Roy Cooper, is shameful and outrageous. Their actions today were nothing short of voter and citizen intimidation.” How’s that again? Intimidation? Five months after the election and more than 18 months before the next statewide election? Nice try at ad hominem argument, though.

Fortunately, the State Board of Elections took the information a little more seriously, saying it would add the study to its ongoing investigation of post-election protests.

We don’t know if the Republicans’ bogus-protest carpet-bombing last November was criminal. That’s for the Board of Elections to determine. But it’s certainly not something the party should call further attention to with noisy name-calling.

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  1. Norm Kelly says:

    ‘Nice try at ad hominem argument, though.’ Is this statement directed at libs who continue to protest EVERYTHING about Republicans and specifically Trump? Think about the ‘Russian collusion’ issue. Think about all the stoooopid statements about why Hildaliar lost, that never take into account the crook who was the lib candidate.

    ‘We don’t know if the Republicans’ bogus-protest carpet-bombing last November was criminal. That’s for the Board of Elections to determine. But it’s certainly not something the party should call further attention to with noisy name-calling.’ Try replacing ‘Republicans’ with ‘Demoncrats’ in that sentence and you have an awful lot of ugly truth. What part of lib protests, not just those whack-jobs in the streets but all the leadership of their goofy party. Talk about bogus protests. Again, think of the Russian collusion. Every person who has testified has said there is NO EVIDENCE of any Russian involvement, nothing that changed the outcome of a single election. Yet libs, even those in supposedly leadership positions, still claim there’s enough evidence for a full investigation, and some of those loons are talking impeachment because of it. So, talk about bogus protests, all libs have to do is look in the mirror. Then there’s the blocking of conservatives on college campuses. Libs can’t stand alternative points of view. Libs don’t allow alternative points of view. Simply because any alternative point of view proves the lie of liberalism and libs in general.
    When it comes to carpet bombing, no one is better than libs. Libs in the demon party even have the vast majority of talking heads on their side, repeating the demon party talking points memo without a single edit or question. What used to be news people simply report that Russian collusion requires that an extensive investigation take place, and that certain people should be prevented from serving until the investigation is complete and some end up in jail. Carpet bombing consists of those lib fooools who go on CNN to claim they never called for Trumps impeachment short hours after making statements about waiting for Trumps impeachment.
    Libs are the ones who have trouble with truth. Libs are the ones who have trouble with ad hominem arguments/statements. Libs are the ones who claim voter ID is racially discriminatory. Libs are the ones who say blacks can’t make it through life on their own, they NEED lib assistance for the most basic things in life. Talk about racist and ad hominem!
    Yes, you are correct. If you ever read any of my posts you quickly realize I have almost no respect for the average lib, and none for leaders of their party. The liar was not elected because so many people saw the witch for what she is. The bogus ad hominem attacks coming from the lib/socialist party are so bogus, so outrageous, so useless, that many are now seeing through them, and understand that the party stands for nothing bu themselves,and they are will to throw the entire country under the bus so long as they get to implement their agenda. If you need an example of throwing the nation under the bus, check out the government monopoly school system. Think about communist core as a perfect example of dumbing down. What exactly can be respected about the current demoncrat party? If you believe I’m off base, please respond. Unlike libs, I’d love to be educated about the opposition party.