Joe Mavretic’s Perspective on Speaker Term Limits

| January 31, 2013

by Joe MavreticJoe Mavretic-color

The Liston Ramsey era taught me that term limits were necessary. Two consecutive terms is about right for starters. It only takes about four years to learn how to, and then do, a good job as Speaker. After that, the Speaker becomes too indebted to special interests. I think a good Speaker could get this passed in the House if his party held a majority. Whether that bill would survive the Senate is another matter. Term limits for the Senate’s President Pro Tempore is dependent upon election cycles, team-tickets and gubernatorial succession. On balance, gubernatorial succession has not proved advantageous for North Carolina. A single term of six years may be a better next step. We should consider a proposal for “Constitutional Review” about every twenty-five years so that succeeding generations have a voice in their social contract.

Joe Mavretic is former House Speaker and an NC Spin Panelist

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