Life after Obamacare

| April 30, 2014

Gary Pearceby Gary Pearce, Talking About Politics, April 29, 2014.

The ice melting under Republicans’ feet isn’t climate change, it’s Obamacare. The issue on which they bet the house this year may be disappearing.
A poll this month in North Carolina, Louisiana and Kentucky found that, while people don’t like Obamacare, they want Congress to improve it, instead of repealing and replacing it.
Republicans running against the Affordable Care Act now have the same problem the President and Democrats had in passing it: Nobody knows what it is or what it does. It’s complicated, and the public is confused. So it’s hard to pin down – and separate out from health care’s other problems – what the Act does, good or bad.
It also may be that people are just tired of hearing about the whole thing.
Now, there is still strong antipathy to President Obama and anything he does, has done or ever will do. That is set in stone, and it won’t go away.
But Republicans may find that the gift that kept on giving has stopped giving. Maybe they can start running against climate change – or the theory of evolution. They don’t believe in those either, according to a new PPP poll.


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  1. Norm Kelly says:

    Libs should keep betting the farm on being able to implement socialism. Then after the socialist laws are past they can try to convince voters that they have the ability, power, intelligence, to do what has never been done in human history, any where in the world. Improve their socialist laws to the point that they actually work.
    The only way voters continue to support libs socialist implementation is by lies, mistruths as described by demon politicians, and distortions. So long as every demon politician continues to lie to us, like K, and the lame-stream media perpetuates and reinforces those lies, then the voters don’t know any better than to accept the lies. But the base of socialism doesn’t change: lies, theft, elimination of freedom, failure to implement/follow the law.
    Lie: if you like your doctor/current insurance policy, you can keep it/them. Provably a lie.
    Lie: socialized medicine will be revenue neutral. Already the costs of socialized medicine are significantly more, almost double, from what the demon party told us it would be
    Lie: more people will be helped by socialized medicine than will be hurt. So, more than 5 million people have their existing policies terminated BY FORCE because of socialized medicine, and that’s not counted as people hurt? When the corporate mandate is finally implemented, though illegally delayed, even more people will find themselves hurt by socialized medicine.
    Theft: stealing money from people who buy their own insurance to pay for those who don’t buy their own insurance. Stealing money from tax payers to subsidize the vast majority of those who have signed up for socialized medicine.
    Elimination of Freedom: no longer can you choose the doctor or medical care that you want. You must get approval for procedures from a government agency. They used to be referred to as ‘death panels’ but since libs dislike the truth the names were forced to be changed. Same net effect, but sounds better now. Doctors that you used to see may no longer be ‘in the circle’ covered by socialized medicine so you have lost the freedom to choose your own doctor. The hospital you want to choose may not be ‘in the circle’ covered by socialized medicine, so you have lost the freedom to choose your hospital. The procedure you want or need done may not be covered by socialized medicine, or covered at such a low rate, so you’ll have to pay out of pocket to get it done. You no longer have the freedom to make medical decisions between you & your doctor. The government gets involved to determine if it’s covered.
    Failure to follow the law: The US Constitution was violated in order to maintain socialized medicine. The majority of SCOTUS determined that Congress DID NOT have the authority to fine people for NOT participating in a market, for NOT buying a specific product. The law said that non-participants would be FINED for failure to participate. So SCOTUS determined the law was UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
    Failure to follow the law: Once this garbage was passed, the occupier has consistently made changes to the law, against what the law says. Against the authority given to him by the US CONSTITUTION. The individual mandate was postponed. The corporate mandate has been postponed. Supporters of the demon party have been given waivers. The secretary of DHHS was caught illegally using her government job to promote this disaster.
    Regardless of how Gary or any other lib spins socialized medicine, it is doomed to failure. It will make the US health care delivery system one of the worst in the world. It will cost us beyond imagination, financially. It has already had a detrimental effect on the economy.
    Please keep telling us how good socialism is for ‘the rest of us’. Please keep singing the praises of socialized medicine. History and facts are against you. Popular opinion of those negatively affected by socialized medicine is against you. As the law is implemented/allowed to be implemented, more people will be negatively impacted, so more people will turn against socialized medicine. Failure is the only option.

  2. TP Wohlford says:

    Well, it’s good to see another rehash of talking points that I’ve seen on all of the usual Dem-friendly outlets. Not that I thought this work added anything, but it might keep some of the faithful from losing hope before they donate some money.