McCrory’s budget

| March 22, 2013

Gene Arnoldby Gene Arnold, former Legislator from Nash County and NC SPIN panelist.

For the first time in a very long time the media and the General Assembly recognize the Governor has a budget.  Generally, in the past, no one cared if the Governor presented a budget because it was dead on arrival at the General Assembly.  What a refreshing change.  Also, what critics expected the budget under Director Art Pope was  a slash and burn type of policy filled budget.  Didn’t happen.  What was received was a very comprehensive business approach which set money aside in a much needed reserve account, addressed the pressing financial needs of the State, and kept the increase in funding at a pace with a 1% inflation rate.

Even some of the most vocal critics of Republicans and particularly critics of Art Pope are now endorsing the budget or at least not screaming the state is being demolished.   Champions of the University System can’t object to freezing in-state tuition increases or the modest cut back in expenses request.  Although the Governor does not set tuition rates at least the Board of Governors is controlled by Republicans which has the final approval over university budget requests.  This should keep the in-state tuition cost where they are this year.

This budget has no tax increases, no increase in the State debt structure, and no special provisions.  It is as transparent as a budget can be.  It is presented to the General Assembly in a time frame which will allow a final budget to be completed and sent to those who must key their budgets off the State plan.  It is one of the earliest budget presentations I can remember being given for approval.  Those who would like to dissect the budget for political flaws have difficulty in doing so.  The only people who can change or modify the budget are the members of the House and the Senate.  The leaders of both those bodies must step gingerly if they are going to preserve a good fiscal plan and not injure their own future political aspirations.

This budget is another example of a very promising era under our new Governor.  Governor McCrory has done exactly what he said he would do in his campaign.   Wow!  That’s refreshing and a political first.  Great start for this Governor.


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  1. bruce holsten says:

    What few good things there are in this budget will not survive the “slash and burn” attitude now pervasive in our General Assembly, regardless of McCrory’s seemingly well intentioned efforts. In this well orchestrated tactic of obfuscation between the Executive and the Assembly, my sense is there will be little to applaud when the final budget is foisted on the NC public.

  2. Kelly McCullen says:


    Hiring the highest profile budget director available to a North Carolina Republican governor makes the governor’s budget relevant though GOP senators only commit to “considering” the proposals contained in it. Nice blog post.