My Christmas Wish

| December 25, 2012

TRUSTHalf my friends/family are convinced the world is going to Hell because Barack Obama was re-elected. The other half are equally convinced North Carolina is headed to the same place because Pat McCrory was elected Governor. Maybe it’s time I got some new friends.

My Christmas wish is that everyone could learn tolerance, soften their rhetoric and learn to listen…especially to listen to how they themselves express their viewpoints. There is no room for name-calling and we don’t benefit from intransigent, uncompromising and mean-spirited positions. It’s beneficial to have differences of opinion but students of history know America came into being and has benefitted from people of goodwill working cooperatively for solutions.

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  1. Tom Hauck says:

    Merry Christmas Tom,
    I hope you get your Christmas wish.
    Tom (Hauck)