NC SPIN episode #1010 Air Date 03/23/2018

| March 23, 2018


Too many not getting “sound basic education”

We don’t need better politicians but better leaders

More women running…and winning

Tell us something we don’t know



Gene Arnold, Former Legislator

John Hood, Syndicated Columnist and Author

Beverly Perdue, Former Governor of North Carolina

Dennis Wicker, Former Lieutenant Governor

Tom Campbell, Moderator

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  1. Tom,

    We watch NC Spin ever week, and enjoy a good debate. I don’t think you should invite Gene Arnold, Former Legislator back to NC Spin. He was rude and insulting when he implied that Women income didn’t matter since they don’t make much anyways. This is insulting to all the women who don’t make as much as men for doing the same job.

    Regards, Terry (Male)