NC SPIN episode #1034 Air Date 09/07/2018

| September 7, 2018


Strange Mid-Term Elections Officially Underway

Teachers Say Conditions Unacceptable

Privatizing Liquor Sales

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know



Brad Crone, Political Analyst and Consultant

Chris Fitzsimon, Political Analyst and Columnist

Becki Gray, John Locke Foundation

John Hood, Syndicated columnist and Author

Tom Campbell, Moderato

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  1. James White says:

    At the lead in of this show you mention Privatizing Liquor Sales, but I never saw a segment on this subject. Please include it in up coming show as I would like to hear the panels comments. Thanks.

    • NC SPIN says:

      James, my apologies but we ran out of time before we got to this topic. Be assured that we will cover it soon. Thanks for watching.