NC SPIN Episode #1049 Air Date 12/21/2018

| December 21, 2018

Cooper Vetoes
District Vacancy
Board of Governors Rejects UNC Solution to Silent Sam
Court Revokes Permit for Atlantic Coast Pipeline
ACA Enrollment Deadline Ends with Fewer Signup
This Christmas no Apple; just a lump of coal
Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

Chris Fitzsimon, Senior Political Analyst
John Hood, Syndicated Columnist and Author
Phil Kirk, Former Senator and Chair of State Board of Education
Beverly Perdue, Former Governor
Tom Campbell, Moderator

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  1. Phillip Denton says:

    Former Governor Beverly Perdue commenting about the voter ID Law said, “I actually support in an open way Voter ID. I think it’s discriminatory, I think that it prevents people from low income, minorities from voting.”

    Yes, We need a little Christmas all year round! God Bless North Carolina and America!

    Here is a video of what people, white and black, think about Voter ID. Very interesting and factual.