NC SPIN episode #1061 Air Date 03/15/19

| March 15, 2019 | 2 Comments

New Congressional Elections for one-quarter of the state
Legislative Matters
2020 Races and Faces
Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

Chris Fitzsimon, The Newsroom
Becki Gray, John Locke Foundation
John Hood, Syndicated Columnist, and Author
Cash Michaels, Journalist, and Film Maker
Tom Campbell, Moderator

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  1. Richard Taylor says:

    I try to watch NC each week on UNC-TV and/or the North Carolina Channel. I am a new subscriber to your Website/blog. I just sent you a reply to your “62 year love affair” posting. Hope you got it. In looking at your Web site, I noticed the attributions for some of your panelists are outdated, i.e., John Hood and Chris Fitzsimmons. The new WPTF panelist (Donna?) isn’t listed. I tried to look her up on WPTF’s Web site, but she isn’t listed there. Also in the radio section, you need to add 97.9 FM promote that much more than 1360 AM. I enjoy your show along with Front Row. Where is your show recorded? You don’t say in the show credits. Keep up the good work.

    I tried to submit this comment on your Contact Us page. The CAPTCHA Code does not work. I am used to using those. I carefully type the code in 10 times, just as shown on the Web page. I tried ALL CAPS and lower case, despite what the CAPTCHA box said. Nothing worked. The Error Message with the CAPTCHA Code says “That CAPTCHA was incorrect. Try again.” I did over and over again. Perhaps the Web site software could indicate exactly what is wrong with code. I’m sure I typed it in correctly, over and over again.

    So I’m trying to send this in as a Blog post. Hope you get this message and fix your CAPTCHA Code function.

    Richard Taylor
    Regular Viewer and New Subscriber

    • NC SPIN says:

      Richard we apologize for the problems. We are just about to launch a new website that will eliminate the problems you and others have had, update our panelist bios and be much easier to navigate. This should be coming online in the next week or so. Please bear with us and that you for watching our show and reading our blog.

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