NC SPIN episode # 968 – Air Date 5/21/2017

| May 19, 2017

Watch NC SPIN online!  Topics: Supreme Court Rejects NC Voter ID, No Hurricane Help from the Feds, House considers $1.9 Billion School Construction Bond and Tell Us Something We Don’t Know.

Leo Daughtry, Former Legislator
Rufus Edmisten, Former Secretary of State & Attorney General
Chris Fitzsimon, Director, NC Policy Watch
John Hood, Syndicated Columnist
Tom Campbell, Moderator

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  1. Fran Pagliaro says:

    A picture of these Gerrymandered Districts is worth 1000 words. Dissappointing that 7 minutes on this subject and no one wants to ask when re-draw is required or State Senate is in contempt.
    Thanks for considering.

    • Fran Pagliaro says:

      The State Farm Ad promoting factual information and Immigration Reform is very useful and corageous. You ads are as informative as your show. Great job.