NC’s top political posts hail from west of the Triangle

| November 30, 2014

pic_giant_072713_SM_Progress-in-North-Carolinaby Beau Minnick, WNCN, November 27, 2014.

In January, Cleveland County Republican Rep. Tim Moore is expected to take over as the new speaker of the House of Representatives in North Carolina, continuing a run of high-ranking leaders in the state who hail from the western part of the state.

“Most of them, at least on a statewide basis, will come from the central to western part of the state,” pointed out Sen. dan Blue (R-Wake County).

Taking a look at five political posts — the speaker of the House, the senate president pro tem, the governor and the two United States senators — all of them will be from areas west of the Triangle.

The leaders of the General Assembly, the governor and the senators are in office to represent the best interests of the entire state, but some believe the lawmakers’ hometown geography has to play a role.

“Years ago, I think West versus East was probably a big deal, but now it’s really not,” Moore said.

But Blue, a Democrat and former House speaker, disagrees,

“What one person may see as somebody’s pet project may be seen by somebody from that area as a critical economic development project, or something like that,” Blue argued.

Moore, though, said the divide he sees is more rural versus urban, rather than geographic.

“The urban area are doing very well, but the rural area are lagging behind,” Moore said.

Moore said as speaker of the House, he plans to make sure rural areas are also a priority.

“I can promise you I care just as much how the folks in New Hanover County are doing as I do about how the folks in Rutherford County are doing,” Moore said.

The entire House membership will vote on Moore as speaker when they reconvene in January.

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