Rufus Edmisten


Born in Boone, North Carolina, Rufus has a lengthy record of public service.
He was educated at UNC Chapel Hill, attaining his law degree.  From 1964-74
he was aide and chief counsel to Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr., serving as
deputy chief counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee.
From 1974-84 Rufus was Attorney General of North Carolina and became the
Democratic nominee for Governor in 1984.  From 1989-96 he was Secretary of
State and remains active in several local, state and national organizations
relating to his state service.  Rufus and his wife Linda are involved in
several civic endeavors.  Rufus is the founder of the Super Kids Scholarship
Program (non-profit organization) and holds an annual fundraiser for the
kids.  He is also a founding member of the Rare Disease Council,
participates in Ted Talks and is a member of the Carolina’s Boxing Hall of
Fame.  He is partner in the law firm Edmisten & Webb Law.

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