SPIN This Week – February 24

| February 21, 2013

Tune into NC SPIN this week as we discuss State of the State, Legislative proposals, Losing weight or losing money, Workin’ on the railroad.

Joining moderator Tom Campbell this week are Chris Fitzsimon, Director of NC Policy Watch, John Hood, President, The John Locke Foundation, Joe Mavretic, former House Speaker and Dennis Wicker, Former Lieutenant Governor.

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  1. dj anderson says:

    Applause for the conduct of the panel this week!!! Tom conducts a refreshing, civil and polite forum, heads above the usual Sunday “talking head” shows for those Americans who remember the sabbath by keeping it political & sporty. NC Spin is taped before Sunday. I suspect the show times are when viewership is low and it can be fit in. That’s sad, for this show is a model of simplicity and an example of sharing knowledge and opinion in a civil manner. There are few changes I would make, one being more time on each topic, hence a longer show, but I can dream.

    Let me say that Dennis Wicker was great, as Joe Mavretic was and always is. I like hearing opinion that can see both sides, and both these guys seem to speak for themselves and still be Democrats.

    As Dennis offered up his views, I wondered about what a fine governor he would have made had he served Easley’s terms and who might be governor today!

    Chris, and I love Chris, is hard line party talking points, and right as they may be, fulfill the name of the show, “spin.”

    John Hood has to be my consistent favorite panelist and while I don’t always agree with him, he does sway my thinking, and he does it without spinning me, I think.

    John and Chris being on different sides of the table is both healthy and entertaining. They provide a heartbeat.

    Tom is at the head, and keeps the conversation moving and under control. He is great a moderator and the panel allows that.

    Maybe a ‘real’ mainline republican on the panel would be refreshing? I just don’t know who that would be. Former Gov. Jim Martin probably isn’t interested.

    Lastly, I’d like to see more comments on here, and so I’m doing my part, poor a voice as I might be.

    • a very pressing issue needs to be addressed through the media asap. last wednesday the house rules committee gave an unfavorable recommendation in committee meeting which effectively kills the bill for the year. the bill, HB 84, the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act. Rep Pau Stam, Wake, told WRAL that the public wishing to express support over the bill by urging representatives to to sponsor and support it is harassment. That is a criminal accusation. All for expressing our constitutionally protected right to speak freely. This needs to be addressed and the sitting members of the house rules committee need to be investigated. just because they personally may not agree with the bill does not make them the majority. in fact they are a small minority of what the citizens of the state want. the christian action league has too much influence in nc government and policy making and they do not speak for anyone other than their organization. that is a minority shaping policy for the majority. they need out of politics. not everyone in this state is a christian. there is a big islam population. hindu, judaism, you name it. the southern baptists thinking are not in line with the mainstream and other religions do not try to shape public policy and no other religious sect should. keep it separate and let nc progress and not stay behind the rest of the world. times have changed and the old ways are dying and nothing can be done to stop it, either accept it or retire because times are not the same and never will be again. people have spoken and our reps need to listen