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| January 31, 2015

Rob-Schofieldby Rob Schofield, NC Policy Watch, January 28, 2015.

Intrepid Civitas sleuths have unearthed our vast and shadowy network

Urgent Memorandum

To: All current and former assets in the Vast and Shadowy Network of Leftist North Carolina Activists (“VSNLNCA” aka “VSN-NC”)
From: Agent R-JC-PW-2
Date: 1/28/15
Re: Abort all subversive activities immediately; report to previously designated site (see below) for further instructions

It has come to the attention of senior officials at VSN-NC Central Command that cunning investigators in the employ of the J.W. Pope Civitas Institute (JWPCI) have uncovered and compromised numerous organizational and human components of our subversive operation. Confirmation of this destructive security breach came at 1900 hours on Thursday last when JWPCI leaders “dropped a bombshell” on the state policy infrastructure with the release of a new and destructive report entitled “Mapping the Left” (aka “MTL”).

Critical secrets revealed

As the report states:

“The Mapping the Left (MTL) project combines data, research and news articles to show the magnitude of the radical Left’s infrastructure in North Carolina. For decades, the liberal/progressive movement has mostly been invisible to the general public. Hiding from the ‘liberal’ label, the well-organized progressive movement has built a network of groups that work together to push an extreme, liberal/progressive agenda that the media has failed to report upon.

The MTL project includes more than 140 activist organizations currently comprising seven major networks, including Blueprint, Moral Monday, Democracy NC, HKonJ, Together NC, ACORN and Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. There are more than 1,800 individuals working in even more positions (including staff and board members) within the groups. Also included in the database are more than 300 funders which have awarded grants in the hundreds of millions of dollars to the included organizations. MTL was created to educate citizens and policy makers. In addition it is a repository of important information which adds transparency to the largest liberal funders and participants in today’s North Carolina political battles.”

Regrettably, the MTL report goes on to reveal and publicize a wellspring of top secret information – including the names of several of our key network cells and top undercover agents that we had managed to keep carefully concealed for years in the public annual reports of various foundations and on the front pages of various newspapers and Internet websites.

Active cells named

For instance, here are just a few of our most valued and influential assets that have been exposed in this disaster:

  • The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) – As the MTL report reveals, this radical organization “is concerned with fair farm and food policies and educating communities about local organic agriculture” and works “to develop farm incubators by organizing farm incubator committees and to develop How to Start an Organic Farm publication to clearly outline resources available to new farmers.”
  • The Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists – Listen to the devastating finding: “The mission of the Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists is to create and support a community of churches organizations and individuals committed to the inclusion of gay lesbian bisexual and transgender persons in the full life and mission of Baptist churches. This organization is based in New Hampshire but there are six member congregations in NC.”
  • North Carolinians Against Gun Violence Education Fund – This one is an especially grievous revelation. For years, we have worked assiduously to inform the public that this group was a struggling, underfunded organization with one courageous, part-time staff-person tilting at the windmill of the multi-billion dollar gun violence industry. How did the dogged Civitas investigators manage to ferret out that it is “The action wing of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCAV),” that “NCAV opposes any legislation that strengthens the 2nd amendment” and that “North Carolinians Against Gun Violence is a member of the radical liberal extremist Blueprint NC and Democracy NC networks and other leftist North Carolina networks”?

The devastating exposé goes on to list dozens of other formerly undercover groups – from the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence to the Fair Trial Initiative to Student Action with Farmworkers. Somehow, JWCPI even got wind of a little-known, behind-the-scenes outfit operating under the label NC Policy Watch.

Surely, it will take years, if not decades, to fashion new covers for each of these operations.

Agents and other human assets compromised

Tragically, however, this is not the worst of the disaster. In addition to exposing our numerous front groups, the diabolical JWPCI report also blows the cover of several hundred of our top individual agents. Thanks to MTL, the whole world is now aware of the following operatives:

  • Charles B. “Chuck” Neely, a former Republican State Representative and current, high-powered lawyer/lobbyist for multiple corporations. The Civitas detectives exposed this formerly hidden link when it dug up the fact that Neely serves on the board of the secretly socialist Triangle Community Foundation. Obviously flabbergasted by the discovery, Neely was forced to admit to Charlotte Observer political reporter Jim Morrill that “I have always suspected me.”
  • Former State Supreme Court Justice and GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Orr who served as a double-agent for a time while heading the Pope Foundation-funded Institute for Constitutional Law.

Other heroic comrades now facing the harsh light of day range from former UNC basketball coach Dean Smith to Larry Chavis, the President of the Lumbee Guaranty Bank and from former First Lady Carolyn Hunt to Weesie Pigman, the Crisis Response Team leader for the Campaign for Southern Equality.

A devastating blow to VSN-NC

As noted above, measuring the impact and developing a response – much less an effective counter-strike – to such a devastating “bombshell” will no doubt take years of painstaking effort. After all, any document so incredibly incisive and insightful as to be able to bare the long-disguised connections between Rev. William Barber, famed founder of the Moral Mondays movement and the Food Lion Charitable Foundation (due to the latter’s 2008 grant of $1,500 to the group known as Children First/ Communities in Schools of Buncombe County) is no ordinary report.

Add to this the fact that the Civitas wizards have skillfully encoded their findings in a collection of websites so extraordinarily crude and inaccessible (think 1996 dial up modem clunky) that they will surely drive all of our own counter-intelligence analysts stark raving mad in a matter of minutes, and it’s plain to see that we have our work cut out for us.

Finally, to add icing to the cake, the whole diabolical project is rendered even more vexing and demoralizing by the JWPCI admonition that “the information provided is believed to be accurate and is offered in good faith by the Institute. However, the Institute accepts no responsibility or liability for incorrect or misleading information or its use by third parties.”

Drat those Civitas geniuses – they think of everything! No wonder JWPCI President, Francis X. DeLuca distributed a communique immediately after the report’s release crowing “this project has enormous potential to diminish the influence of the Left in our state” and then asking for donations.

Going “Forward Together” (hint, hint)

All VSN-NC agents, operatives and cell leaders are therefore hereby ordered to salvage what they can of current network assets and meet at the designated secret rendezvous site (code name: HK on J) on Saturday February 14 at 9:00 a.m. to plot and execute further subversion. Until such time, all new VSN-NC directives can be accessed via the website

That is all for now, comrades.

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