The Optimist

| March 22, 2013

Gary Pearceby Gary Pearce in Talking About Politics

Bowater, as his friends call him, is a local Democrat – and an incurable optimist. While Republican preen and strut with power and Democrats wring their hands with worry, Bowater remain serenely sanguine.
One friend finally reached his limit – with the Republicans and with Bowater’s rosy view. He demanded, “What makes you so happy? Don’t you read the news?”
“Yep,” said Bowater, “every day. Just yesterday, I read on the front page that Republicans are looking to put a sales tax on 130 services. Then I read that Phil Berger’s education plan is to pay teachers less and bash them more. Today I read that Governor McCrory is going to lay off teachers’ assistants, cut the universities and community colleges and raise tuition.
“Then I looked inside the paper and saw that one Republican wants to keep the Utilities Commission Public Staff from being for anything that he’s not for.”
By now Bowater’s friend was beside himself: “That’s my point! Look at what they’re doing! How can you be happy about that?”
Bowater calmly replied, “Because every day the Republicans move one day closer to total rejection by the voters. Keep up the good work, I say.”


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  1. dj anderson says:

    This is testimony to the faith in republicans to do to themselves what the democrats have been doing to themselves to get elected out of power.