Up in smoke

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Carter Wrennby Carter Wrenn, Talking About Politics, February 16, 2017.

The phones began ringing and kept on ringing and each caller said the same thing: ‘I want you to hold more ‘Town Hall’ meetings.

Sensing a groundswell of support for Town Hall Meetings, rolling across their districts, Republican Congressmen accommodated and walked straight into a trap.

A few days later, stories began to appear in the newspapers:

Republican Town Halls get nasty.

Congressman Chaffetz shouted down… 

Angry crowd confronts Congressman Amash…

Republican Congressmen get an unexpected jolt… 

Newspaper reporters described Republican Congressmen meeting a fearsome new force: Angry crowds springing to life, spontaneously, overnight, at Town Hall Meetings hundreds of miles apart in Utah, Michigan and Tennessee.

But then, a few days after that, an anti-Trump group’s plan, explaining how it had orchestrated the calls and protests, landed on the Internet – and it turned out the press had been fooled too. And the legend about the birth of a fearsome new force and spontaneous protests went up in smoke.


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