What, not who do Democrats want as the nominee?

| April 19, 2012

When you ask the wrong question you always get the wrong answer, so anyone hoping the three Democratic gubernatorial debates would produce a clear nominee was wrong. Before trying to determine who should win this nomination Democrats would be well served to decide what kind of campaign they want to wage this fall.

The Republican, Pat McCrory, clearly starts off as the favorite to win the gubernatorial race. If not for the fabled Obama surge he likely would be running for re-election. With four years to prepare he has amassed a substantial bankroll. Democrats are clearly in crisis mode over the sexual harassment scandal and nobody knows whether Barack Obama has coattails this time around.

It is almost a certainty what kind of campaign McCrory will stage this fall. Jack Hawke, Pat’s primary advisor, has been around this block a time or two and he will discern where both the Democratic party and the nominee are most vulnerable and go after them.

So what kind of campaign will the Democrats need to win this contest? That will determine who should win the nomination. Here’s my assessment. If they want to wage a traditional campaign, with someone the voters know and like, Bob Etheridge is the guy. If they want a fresh face, with enthusiasm and little baggage, Walter Dalton fills the bill. If they want a junk-yard dog, who will take it to Republicans and won’t back down from a fight, Bill Faison is the man.

So Democrats, what do you want?


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