Will Jobs and the Economy be the focus of a new General Assembly and Governor in 2013?

| October 23, 2012

by Jeanne Milliken Bonds

When Republicans took control of both North Carolina legislative chambers after the 2010 election, they advanced an agenda driven by big contributors, not good policies designed to help working people. Among the initiatives, they cut worker’s compensation benefits, diminished the rights of negligently injured patients, gave multi-state corporations multimillion dollar tax breaks shifting a greater tax burden to the middle class, and ran a social agenda with a Constitutional Amendment about marriage and legislation affecting women and their healthcare.

In the midst of a weak recovery on the backside of a recession, while making cuts to education and jobs, the Republican Legislature gave multi-state corporations (not local corporations) a $38 million tax break based on nothing more than an accounting entry. Sixty-five percent of NC C-corps already do not pay income taxes according to the State Revenue Department. This latest move shifts additional burden of paying for schools and other government services to the middle class. There was no indication that adding this additional tax loophole would create or retain jobs, or result in any single new business locating in NC.

As we approach the election of 2012, it appears the Republicans are poised to retain the NCGA and take the Governor’s office so it is time to ask the question: Will they address jobs and the economy or continue their agenda of the past two years?

Jeanne Milliken Bonds is a Consultant, Political Analyst and Co-Owner, LiveWire Politics

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