“The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate”

Thomas Jefferson

With so many sources for news these days it is fair to ask whether the news you are receiving is accurate, in depth and balanced.

NC SPIN was started in 1998 by Tom Campbell with the express goal of giving North Carolinians balanced and civil discussions of issues affecting our state and its people. If it’s timely and important to North Carolina NC SPIN will cover the issue in an unrehearsed half-hour debate. Topics include recent news events, education, healthcare, transportation, politics, race, religion, crime, elections and legislation. A diverse panel of seasoned analysts is selected each week and include a former governor, lieutenant governor, house speaker, supreme court justice, attorney general and secretary of state, as well as consultants, think-tank analysts and experts in particular fields.

One of the hallmarks of NC SPIN is the tenor of the discussion. You won’t find the food fights and shouting matches so prevalent today out of respect for our audience. Instead viewers get thoughtful discussion, a time when those who shape policy and make decisions listen to one another in honest and civil discussion.

NC SPIN is produced by Carolina Broadcasting and Publishing, Inc. and is not influenced by any corporation, political or philosophical group dictating what topics can be discussed or which panelists can appear. Hall of Fame broadcaster Tom Campbell, a 50-year broadcast veteran is creator, executive producer and moderator. In addition to owning and operating radio and TV stations in North Carolina, Campbell was chief deputy for former State Treasurer Harlan Boyles. In that capacity he gained unequaled insights and experience in state government. The combination of broadcast experience, coupled with the knowledge of state government makes Campbell uniquely qualified to produce and moderate NC SPIN.

McGuire-Woods Consulting has conducted several statewide surveys among politically active adults, asking about two dozen different TV and radio programs offering news, analysis and commentary about state government and politics. An astonishing 65 percent said they depended on NC SPIN regularly, far greater than the second-place listing.