NC SPIN looks forward to healthy dialogue regarding issues of concern to the people of North Carolina. Providing this forum for discussion is a privilege we are pleased to offer visitors. Please understand that we have high expectations when it comes to online dialogue because it is our goal to create an environment for civil and productive community conversation.

Below is a list of the types of comments that are generally not accepted and will be subject for removal by our moderators:

  • Comments that are provided without an individuals full name and email address
  • Any generalizations about a specific group of people
  • Comments that mask or attempt to mask inappropriate language and profanity or that are outright crude
  • Name-calling
  • Personal attacks or attempts to ridicule comments or those making comments
  • Comments that are unrelated to the topic or the comments of others
  • Comments that don’t focus on the topic, but rather an individual that posted a comment
  • Statistics that don’t reference a verifiable source
  • Comments that are repeatedly posted
  • Solicitations for a business or product
  • Comments that inquire about deleted posts, or posts that were not allowed

If you read a comment that you believe violates these guidelines, please click the “Contact Us” link and the top of the page and share your concerns about that comment and it will be reviewed.

We always have the right to remove postings to enforce these guidelines as deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the discussion. Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these guidelines.