Balanced Debate For The Old North State.

My Spin by Tom Campbell

Should we cancel Thanksgiving this year?

It is time to call BULLHOCKEY on the lame excuses we keep hearing for not wearing a face mask, keeping respectable distances and washing hands. Read More

November 19, 2020

Good news on the state budget

The state treasury is in good shape, given what North Carolina has experienced this year. Here are four areas our leaders should consider for spending.    Read More

by John Hood   |   November 19, 2020

Normalizing political corruption

 Republicans use doubt about elections to pass laws that restrict access to the ballot box. In North Carolina, they carefully targeted minority voters with efforts to make voting harder.    Read More

by Thomas Mills   |   November 19, 2020

Parity extends down the ballot

How could it happen that 61 of our 100 counties have county governments controlled by Republicans but 51 percent of our population lives in counties controlled by Democrats?    Read More

by John Hood   |   November 19, 2020

Greek and Hebrew guides to our political differences

One group holds out science as the path to knowledge and guidance for governmental policy and action. A second says we must look to some higher authority to be the guide for public decisions about morality and public policy. Perhaps this helps explain today's differences.    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   November 19, 2020

Reaching out...together

At first North Carolina's decision not to expand Medicaid was understandable, but as only one of 12 states that haven't expanded now is the time to do so.    Read More

by John Coggin   |   November 12, 2020

They fought for us

Veterans Day, originally Armistice Day, commemorated the end of WWI. Today it acknowledges all who have served our country's armed forces.    Read More

by Jack Lewis   |   November 12, 2020