Balanced Debate For The Old North State.

My Spin by Tom Campbell

Who will win the primaries?

In a low turnout election look for as many as a half-dozen races that will require a second primary. Read More

10:30 p.m. Thursday

Just war

It is ludicrous to even float the idea that we might abandon NATO. But Donald Trump and his MAGAs are rattling sabers of isolation and withdrawal from the world.    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   10:27 p.m. Thursday

Many in the crowd cheered

It is unimaginable that distinguished Black Republicans from the past would just sit there while Trump insulted them to their faces, calling their community essentially a bunch of criminals.    Read More

by Cash Michaels   |   1:44 p.m. Thursday


Ancient stories tell of bowing to idols. Sadly, some of us are falling into that old trap again.    Read More

by Carter Wrenn   |   1:18 p.m. Thursday

The voice of dissent

People who speak truth to power, who seek justice and righteousness, who tell an Emperor he has no clothes, assume risks that few of us are willing to take.    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   February 22, 2024