Balanced Debate For The Old North State.

My Spin by Tom Campbell

Why target DHHS?

The only explanation for why the Department of Health and Human Services was treated the way they were in the state budget is that they are being targeted. Read More

9:31 p.m. Thursday

Democrats and Republicans find common ground

Gary Pearce, in Talking About Politics, says that both parties agree Washington is corrupt. But nothing ever seems to change. People get angrier and angrier – at the system and, ultimately, at each other.    Read More

9:22 p.m. Thursday

Our revolution needs constant care

In writing about the American revolution, John Adams said, Adams said. “Thirteen clocks were made to strike together — a perfection of mechanism, which no artist had ever before effected.” There are no guarantees of its continued success.    Read More

by John Hood   |   July 4, 2019

Stop posturing on immigration reform

Some sheriffs contend they are constitutional officers and can't be ordered around by state lawmakers. If they choose not to comply with federal requests, they say, they can do so. Is this a persuasive argument?    Read More

by John Hood   |   June 27, 2019

Public views split on government size

In March of this year the Pew Research Center asked respondents in a poll whether government funding should increase, decrease or stay the same for a variety of programs. Their answers are surprising.    Read More

by John Hood   |   June 20, 2019