Balanced Debate For The Old North State.

Election Day is hours away and this week's NC SPIN updates you on all the news and our panelists predict what you can expect and when we will know the results. Joining our panel this week are Brad Crone, political and communications consultant; Becki Gray, VP of John Locke Foundation; John Hood, syndicated columnist and author; and Chris Fitzsimon, Director States Newsroom. Be sure to watch NC SPIN on UNC-TV Friday night at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 12:30 p.m. You can also watch on the North Carolina channel Friday night at 10 p.m, Saturday at 4:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m. And you can stream the show at your leisure (after 5 pm Friday) from Thank you for watching NC SPIN.

My Spin by Tom Campbell

I can’t be quiet anymore

I have seen the good and bad of politics and think I’ve earned my creds. My conscience won’t allow me to be neutral this year. Read More

7:32 p.m. Thursday

North Carolina leads in jobs lost

While it is possible that Governor Cooper's tighter regulations on bars, restaurants, public venues, and educational settings have reduced viral transmission enough to explain some of the difference in COVID death rates, there are clearly other variables at work.    Read More

by John Hood   |   October 22, 2020

They have no plan

North Carolina conservatives flail about the way Roy Cooper has handled the COVID crisis and bash him for the slow economic recovery. But they offer no suggestions for containing the virus and keeping people safe.    Read More

by Thomas Mills   |   October 22, 2020