Balanced Debate For The Old North State.

My Spin by Tom Campbell

Do we have the will to fix rural healthcare?

In our 80 rural counties residents are older, poorer, more obese, have higher blood pressure, and lower life expectancy that state averages. Read More

3:11 p.m. Thursday

How much hate?

NY Times columnist and Duke lecturer asked how much bigotry and divisiveness voters are willing to endorse, indulge or overlook?    Read More

by Gary Pearce   |   11:10 a.m. Thursday

The dawn of Bidenism

Americans are starting to feel better about their future for the first time in years. The president has shown we can solve problems and the divisiveness of the past decade won't.    Read More

by Thomas Mills   |   January 26, 2023

The coming fight

The shoe is no on the other foot. For years NC Democrats running for the US Senate stayed away from Democratic presidential candidates. Hugging Trump will cost Republicans votes.    Read More

by Carter Wrenn   |   January 26, 2023