NC SPIN: Cooper’s budget, Judge declares Voter ID and Tax cap unconstitutional, Legislative matters

Published March 8, 2019


Cooper’s budget

Judge declares Voter ID and Tax cap unconstitutional

Legislative matters

Tell us something we don’t know


Bob Orr, former Supreme Court Justice

John Hood, Syndicated columnist, and author

Chris Fitzsimon, The Newsroom

Anna Beavon Gravely, political analyst and consultant

Tom Campbell, producer and moderator

March 9, 2019 at 4:56 pm
Ray Kimsey says:

Anna Beavon Gravely mentioned that millennials believe it is harder to buy a house now than 30 years ago. Interest rates for housing 30 years ago (in 1989) were around 11% as compared to 4.25% today. That might have had a significant impact on buying a house back then.