A bad sign?

Published September 17, 2020

By Carter Wrenn

In a political campaign signs can tell you who’s up or who’s down: A tremor in a candidate’s voice, an evasive campaign manager, and polls (though these days a lot of polls are silly).

When one campaign cuts back its media buys, as the other ramps up, that’s another sign.

I read a story in the Washington Post last week, based on a report by a company that tracks candidates’ media buys, that said over the last month President Trump’s campaign has cut back its media buys: In key battleground states Sleepy Biden outspent Trump $90 million to $18 million. (In North Carolina Biden spent three times more than Trump.)

Now, normally, I take what the Washington Post says about Trump with a grain of salt but its article quoted Trump’s campaign manager and officials at the Republican Party – and no one denied it.

It’s hard to see Donald Trump being short of money but if Joe Biden is outspending Trump three to one in North Carolina it’s a bad sign.