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Impeach Congress, keep Trump

Republican National Committeewoman Dr. Ada Fisher, from Salisbury, says impeachment will limit the ability of the President to engage in policy discussions, negotiate trade discussions or other important duties of that office will hamstring him    Read More

by Ada Fisher   |   6:07 p.m. Thursday

Lessons from Rufus

in his book, "That's Rufus," one of North Carolina's most colorful political figures talks about the dangers of hubris, using an example from his own life.    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   6:01 p.m. Thursday

The real problem with teacher pay

Of the $8.7 billion our state spends on k-12 education about 25% is spent on employee benefits and risings costs of these benefits makes it difficult to offer higher salaries.    Read More

by Bob Luebke   |   5:10 p.m. Thursday