A Healthier NC Campaign

Published March 22, 2012

At the conclusion of the NC SPIN Healthcare Forum, Tom Campbell shared exciting news of a statewide campaign focused on improving the health of our state. The "A Healthier NC" campaign will have three key components:

1. Measurement - Stressing the importance for each NC resident to know their Health Baseline, including Blood Pressure, LDL levels, Blood Glucose and Body Mass Index.

2. Medical Home - True and lasting health improvement will require the wisdom and guidance of our state's medical professionals. The second element of a successful campaign will focus on improving access to and utilization of North Carolina's primary care physicians.

3. Manage - Once our citizenry understands their Health Baseline and has found a medical home, the campaign will champion stronger patient-physician partnerships to foster individualized plans of action for health improvement.

This campaign will require the collaboration of both private and public sector leaders and organizations. The framework for the campaign is being established now, with hopes of an initial kick-off prior to January 1, 2013. Stay tuned and be a part of "A Healthier NC!"