A reader responds to the My Spin column on who is today's moral voice

Published February 13, 2020

Maggie Gore challenged us to publish this letter.

"Dr. Campbell

"Print other view on your moral voice article.

"We are not racist. We do not consider ourselves supreme. We know God created each one with special talents.

"We do not want to be criticized for thinking differently from liberal do-gooders.

"As an educated person knows, human nature has a gene that instills a desire to protect their own kind....esp [especially] heirs.!

"In the 1960's, Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedys turned the world on it's [sic] head by pushing integration. The Southern Democrats were without a party, and joined their hated Republican party. Now the black, liberal Democratic Party is pushing gay marriage, trans-gender surgery, abortions, gender questions.

"Yesteryear - many men saw that they could get money by supplying laborers from Africa to cut cane, plant rice and pick cotten [sic].

"We are proud to hear of an ancestor who could afford slaves. Our ancestors worked their 10-15 children digging stumps and clearing new ground.

"We are proud to hear of an ancestor in the KKK. This was a group of community leaders doing what the sheriff would not do. A few mean people pretended to be KKK to do mischief. 

"We were aware of Martin Luther King, Jr. causing many riots and deaths...causing splits in employers and workers...turning friends against each other. Liberal politicianers [sic] gave welfare checks to single moms, causing men to get less and children commit crimes.

"School integration has caused mix races who are angry! Rev. William Barber is just another Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton - making trouble and chaos. 


NC SPIN Note: The above opnions are that of Maggie Gore onlly and do not reflect the views of NC SPIN, Tom Campbell or any of the NC SPIN panel.