A Whopper of a lie

Published October 12, 2023

By Gary Pearce


A student writing a paper on political fact-checking asked me about this statement by Lt. Governor Mark Robinson: “I’ve consistently supported our teachers, believing they deserve more respect, pay, and support.”

A Whopper that big should be served at Burger King.

Robinson, a Republican candidate for governor, is the most anti-teacher, anti-public-school politician in North Carolina’s history.

He once told a church audience that public school teachers are “wicked people” who “indoctrinate” students.

He set up a task force where parents could report “wicked teachers.”

He supported the budget passed this year that gives teachers only a 3% raise this year and 4% raise next year.

That’s not, as Republican budget-makers claim, a “7% raise.” That’s phony math. That’s not enough to keep up with the inflation that Republicans denounce.

Robinson supports the voucher scam that will take $600 million out of public schools the next two years and give it to private religious schools that discriminate and, yes, indoctrinate.

Now, running for governor, he claims he supports teachers.

We’re not swallowing that Whopper.