After SPIN! Video - 11/23/14 - "Should garbage collection be charged by how much they throw away?"

Published November 26, 2014

After SPIN! Video - 11/23/14 - Question to Howard Lee - "The City of Charlotte is considering changing the way they charge residents for garbage collection. Instead of a flat fee for every household they are considering a pay as you throw system where residents will be charged for how much garbage they generate. As former Mayor of Chapel Hill what do you think of this idea? Will it cause people to recycle more and throw away less? Will it help offset the costs of garbage collection for cities?"

November 26, 2014 at 11:20 am
Lloyd V. Evans, ll says:

OK, so we've got to raise revenue, yes? Better than the "garbage" suggestion, let's legalize prostitution, marijuana and opium dens. After all, we now have state sponsored lotteries, "scratch-offs," and those fake and phony casinos called "sweepstake" parlors that rob the poor and disadvantaged, and increase these groups' assistance on state programs like Medicaid and welfare assistance. Aren't we getting enough revenue from the aforementioned "legal" matters? Let me predict: If Lee's' suggestion is scripted into practice, we'll have the financially disadvantaged throwing their garage into the street and store-front waste receptacles?