After SPIN! Video: What happens when the Justice Department fails to act?

Published January 22, 2019

After SPIN! "Question to John and Chris – The Washington Post reported last week that on January 18th last year, 9 months before the elections, our State Board of Elections presented evidence to the U.S. Justice Department that evidence of illegal campaign activity from McCrae Dowless, among others in the 2016 election. While it is not known specifically what happened as a result of the 8 page memo delivered to U.S. Attorney Robert Higdon we do know that no actions were taken. What can we do when justice officials fail to act?"

January 22, 2019 at 4:13 pm
Norm Kelly says:

The point isn't that libs used to do it, and now that Republicans MAY have done it. The point is that now Republicans COULD have done it so NOW it needs to be investigated. Since what dems did is in the past, we need to forget it and ignore it. It's what's happened NOW that we need to investigate and prosecute.

Kinda like the whole gerrymandering scheme. Libs want us to forget they did it for decades and it only became a problem when Republicans took over and started using gerry. NOW it's a problem. But we'll see how libs handle gerry now that they have the House & Governors offices. I won't hold my breath.