After SPIN! Video: Will DMV employees quit over a 2-hour commute?

Published March 11, 2019

After SPIN! "Question to Bob Orr and Anna Beavon Gravely – In spite of warnings, protests and threats the Council of State approved the move of The Department of Motor Vehicles from Raleigh to the old Hardee’s headquarters building in Rocky Mount. A DMV survey released Tuesday morning showed a large number would quit their jobs rather than make the 2 hour commute. What’s your response to this action?"

March 11, 2019 at 7:25 pm
Norm Kelly says:

Answering a non-binding anonymous survey is quite different from real life.

Given the question of moving my work location to be about 1 hr commute from home, I'd answer that I'd quit also in hopes that the move might not happen. Given the facts of moving or quitting, the majority that have family, own homes, or stuck in a 'long' lease, the majority will simply move. In the event that a small number find jobs closer to home, they will quit. But that could also depend on whether the new job is in the private sector or continues to be with gov't. Any smart gov't employee will look at the total package before quitting a gov't job. Private sector expects production or termination. Too often, while not bad-mouthing all gov't workers, they are allowed to skate by and have better than average benefits (most times). It's possible to terminate a private-sector employee. How hard is it to fire a gov't worker?

Any employee that is in a short term lease or on a month-to-month basis in their rent could easily move closer to Rocky Mount. This would definitely benefit RM. And for those who say RM won't benefit even if all the employees choose to commute, they just don't understand economics. People still take lunch time to shop. People still take lunch time to patronize the local eating establishments. In this case, the local eating establishments happen to be in Rocky Mount, just like the employees.

Also, if the state wants to encourage private businesses to move to more rural areas or outside of Wake & Charlotte, then the state needs to lead the way. The 'lead from behind' mentality left when the prior president was fortunately out of office. Even though our state is now ruled by democrats, we still need to lead from a leading position; that is IN FRONT.

Perhaps if the state demonstrates that business can happen in Rocky Mount, it won't be necessary for the state to bribe private business to also try a rural area.