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Bill Friday: North Carolina's Greatest Friend

Everyone is struggling to find superlatives to adequately describe Bill Friday  and I suspect all  feel inadequate in finding the right words. I think it enough to say that he was North Carolina’s...    Read More

October 13, 2012

How much education?

The committee contemplating a strategic plan for our university system was asked an interesting question in their opening session: How much education does North Carolina need? Might we suggest that a...    Read More

October 11, 2012

The Mooresville Model

Just about everyone agrees on the value and importance of education. North Carolina allocates roughly fifty cents of ever dollar in our state budget to education, and while we appreciate our dedicated...    Read More

October 4, 2012

A Healthier NC

Polls don’t reflect it, the media isn’t reporting it and our leaders are not talking about it but the number one issue today is healthcare. Our current healthcare system is unsustainable and...    Read More

September 27, 2012

Debunking the Gubernatorial Election

The two candidates for governor have spent lots of energy and money debating whether North Carolina has lost our mojo, pointing out who is to blame. With days remaining before the November 6th...    Read More

September 20, 2012


Today’s political lexicon identifies states that vote Republican as red states, while states voting Democratic are blue. Until recently North Carolina was undeniably blue but a current description...    Read More

September 13, 2012

Who is the ACC Kidding?

John Swofford and ACC officials keep a straight face in justifying why they wooed and won Notre Dame to become a partial member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. They can spend energy describing this...    Read More

September 13, 2012

What would Harry have said…..

Perhaps you, like me, watched the two infomercials staged as political conventions. There were highlights in both. In the GOP convention we were struck by Ann Romney’s great speech in support of her...    Read More

September 13, 2012

Six Key Issues for the election and 2013

The last presidential election that focused squarely on issues was the 1972 Nixon-McGovern campaign. Since then campaigns have spent more time and money framing their opponent than dealing with issues...    Read More

September 6, 2012

NCSPIN.COM 2012 Election Survey Results

2012 NCSPIN.COM Elections Survey For President I plan to vote for: Answer Options Response Percent Mitt Romney 65.4% Barack Obama 29.6% Gary Johnson 0.6% Jill Stein 0.0% Undecided 4.3% For Governor I...    Read More

September 4, 2012