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Voter ID: Show your cards

Every poll that comes out shows North Carolinians support voter id with pretty convincing numbers. Why? It is a simple concept to grasp on a poll because the majority of people have photo...    Read More

March 13, 2013

Joe Mavretic's Perspective on Voter ID

There are many reasons why Every American Citizen should have a current photo identification card. This question has been framed as a debate about voting rights but it is actually about identification...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   March 13, 2013

Gerrymandering Means Nobody Has to Get Along

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers’ political opponents are gunning for her. The Harnett County Republican appears on a website with other political targets, her picture rendered in black-and-white with her...    Read More

March 13, 2013

All in the Families

In the aftermath of the Blueprint NC imbroglio, there has a new wave of political and media attention devoted to North Carolina think tanks, policy centers, and activist groups. The attention is...    Read More

by John Hood   |   March 12, 2013

Pay Teachers Like Our Future Depends On It

Editorial from Charlotte Observer, March 10 - For 10 years, North Carolina has been getting passed on teacher pay like a stock car with a flat tire. Next will be economic engine failure unless the...    Read More

March 12, 2013