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A Meltdown Over Medicaid

Furious that Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican-led legislature has turned down the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, Democratic lawmakers, liberal scholars, and left-wing activists have...    Read More

by John Hood   |   February 21, 2013

Grading McCrory's "State of the State"

Liked: Let me say straight off the top that I liked two policy goals mentioned: cut the advertising, administrative costs of the lottery and apply money to kids and technology in education. The...    Read More

February 19, 2013

Two Views of the NC Economy

North Carolina’s lackluster economy is the top political issue. Voters who pay scant attention to legislative sessions and partisan dust-ups in Raleigh view state leaders primarily through the...    Read More

by John Hood   |   February 19, 2013

Saying No is a Start

Now that the North Carolina legislature has sent a clear signal that it opposes both Medicaid expansion and a state-based health exchange, the state capital is abuzz with complaints and speculations...    Read More

by John Hood   |   February 18, 2013