NC SPIN Posts by Brad Crone

Robin Hood in Reverse

There’s no doubt that Senator Berger’s tax reform plan is an attention getter.  The problem, however, is the math just doesn’t add up.  Under the GOP tax reform plan, North Carolina’s middle...    Read More

by Brad Crone   |   May 23, 2013

McCrory and Medicaid Reform

What’s the old adage, you can’t see the forest for all the trees? That’s what Governor McCrory is facing as he rolls out his big plans for Medicaid reform. It’s a major initiative but it also...    Read More

by Brad Crone   |   April 5, 2013

Tax Reform: Who gets handed the bucket?

My first boss in politics was Lauch Faircloth and he had a very true saying, "never buy anything on the excitement plan." We may want to take the same approach with tax reform. It sounds good. It...    Read More

by Brad Crone   |   January 18, 2013