BREAKING NEWS: Congressman Walter Jones has died

Published February 10, 2019

Congressman Walter Jones, the twelve term North Carolina Congressman, died Sunday around 4 p.m. on his 76th birthday. The Farmville Congressman served in the NC House before being elected to the NC 3rd Congressional District. Arrangements have not been announced.

Walter Jones will be remembered for many things but two stand out. The first is his refusal to bend to political pressures from his caucus, the Republican Party or lobbyists, instead voting his own conscience and what he thought was best for his constituents. This position was only reinforced when he decided he voted wrong in support of the war in Iraq. It became his mission to write the families of soldiers killed in action, at last count more than 11,000 letters, expressing his remorse over their loss and the gratefulness of this nation.

Walter will be forever respected for his service to his district, his state and the nation.