Cooper was right to work on transition

Published December 9, 2016

By Phil Kirk

by Phil Kirk, former chair, State Board of Education and NC SPIN panelist, published in The Salisbury Post, December 6, 2016.

Critics of Governor-elect Roy Cooper’s officially getting his transition underway before the results of a very closely contested race were certified are as unfair as are those who have criticized Governor McCrory for making sure that every vote was counted fairly.

I had the opportunity to chair the gubernatorial transition for Gov. Jim Martin in 1984, and the late Joe Martin (brother of the Governor) and I actually began planning the transition many months before election day. Joe worked on a day-by-day plan which began the day after the election.

My main role prior to the end of the campaign was to begin a list of possible recruits for major jobs in the Martin administration.

If one waits until the votes are certified, even when there is no controversy and no delays, the new administration will get off to a slow start. Governor Martin was certainly not over-confident about winning the governorship; however, he wanted to hit the ground running, and we did!

I also had the privilege of being heavily involved in Gov. Jim Holshouser’s transition and administration. Since few gave him a chance of winning, we were somewhat behind from the beginning.

Regarding the delay, any candidate owes it to his supporters and indeed to all citizens of the state to make sure there is credibility to the results. I am positive that Governor-elect Cooper wanted the results to be accepted by everyone and that took time.

As President-elect Trump and his opponent Hillary Clinton said, and now Governor McCrory, the campaigns are over and whether or not one agrees with the results, we have our new President and Governor and both are honorable public servants who deserve the support and prayers of all citizens.