Corruption fighter

Published November 2, 2023

By Gary Pearce

Jeff Jackson began his campaign for state attorney general by punching the political bullies right in the nose.

In his announcement video, he climbs into a boxing ring and trades punches with an opponent.

He calls North Carolina Republicans “corrupt politicians” and tags their gerrymandering, which drew him out of his congressional district, as “blatant corruption.”

“But I’ve got news for them. I’m running for attorney general, and I’m going to use that job to fight political corruption.”

Some critics scoff that voters don’t care about gerrymandering.

They do care about corrupt politicians.

They think politics is broken – and unable to deal with real problems.

They want someone who’ll fight the corruption.

Democrats want a fighter who’ll stand up to the bullies.

Jackson is a fighter.

He’s not the guy the bullies want to see climbing in the ring.