Electronic Touch Screen Voting Systems Pass Primary With Flying Colors

Published March 5, 2020

By Brad Crone

Sometimes in state government you just have to let the experts lead.  The perfect case has been the installation of the state’s new election equipment.  There wasn’t a single significant technical error reported on the new ESS Touchscreen and paper ballot tabulators during Tuesday’s primary.

Despite the protests and demands for only hand-marked paper ballots, the counties that implemented the touch-screen systems have had glowing operational reports from Homeland Security to average voters.

The ExpressVote systems worked without incident, as did the new voter tabulation machines.  The elections equipment passed certification and they passed the real test of a high-turnout primary.

So here’s who’s looking very smart today:

Damon Circosta, Chairman of the State Board of Elections
Karen Brinson Bell, Executive Director of the State Board of Elections
Michael Dickerson, Executive Director of the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections.
Election Systems and Software & PrintElect
I can report first-hand how hard these people have worked to get us to this point today. They have gone through the review and certification process.  They have taken valuable time to ensure the critics have had their voices heard.

These election officials have also demonstrated to the general public that they know what they are talking about and their experience and their leadership deserves to be respected.

The touchscreen systems worked without a hitch.  Every vote in NC has a paper ballot.  The primaries are over and we’re ready to move onto the General Election without controversy (unlike other states such as Texas).  Perhaps, those who have been such vocal opponents to the new touchscreen technology will now turn their attention to other concerns.