Faith and reason in elections

Published February 8, 2024

By Frank Hill

There is an undertow of thought among many faithful, Bible-believing Christians which could disrupt the plans of former President Donald Trump to return to the White House if it turns into a vicious riptide. 

For personal religious reasons only, many say they are not going to vote for Trump even though they will vote for almost every other Republican on the ballot. It is the classic case of using theological belief when it comes to personal behavior in opposition to reason when it comes to the body politic.  

The thinking goes like this: Donald Trump is such a reprehensible human being that a person’s Christian belief prevents them from voting for him. The first couple who said they weren’t voting for Trump, we cast off as political naivety. We thought the second time was a fluke. 

After hearing four other couples and two close friends say exactly the same thing, it became a five-alarm fire bell ringing at the local fire station around the corner. 

When asked what it would take for them to change their minds, none had a ready answer. Only two said they would vote for Biden over Trump any day. The others said they wouldn’t vote for either candidate or they would vote for the No Labels candidate, whoever that might be. 

After some thought, one serious answer surfaced. 

“Trump should go on national television, confess past sins, ask forgiveness, be truly contrite and repentant ― and then we might possibly vote for him,” was the best verdict. 

Americans love forgiving people and giving them a second chance. Forgiveness is part and parcel of the Christian Gospel. Look no further than former President Bill Clinton ― Democrats defended him to the hilt despite his moral turpitude. American voters rewarded him by giving him five more Democratic seats in Congress in 1998 after they thought Republicans had engaged in a useless witch hunt by impeaching him. 

When it comes to Christian voters evaluating sin, two verses from the Bible are pertinent ― “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” and “Judge not, lest you be judged.”  

Judgement for sin is God’s job, not ours. 

The Bible is mute on whether a Christian should vote for a Republican or a Democrat for any office. “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” and respect all governing authorities is about all it says when it comes to civil government. We American voters are the “governing authorities.” We get to set public policy law every two years — as long as we vote and not throw this precious right away. 

Each citizen has the right ― and the duty ― to use personal reason to look at the issues and make a determination for themselves which policies make sense. The policies instituted by any president or Congress take years to unwind ― if ever. Obamacare, for example, is here to stay forever despite the furor which ignited the Tea Party in 2010. 

Any reasonable person can watch the news and see where Biden’s progressive Democratic policies have failed every American since he took office. Inflation has pushed prices up 28% across the board. Ten million people have crossed the non-existent southern border illegally since Biden has failed to enforce existing U.S. law and protect border integrity.  

Personal income tax rates are scheduled to skyrocket and standard deduction and estate tax exemption limits are due to plummet if not extended in 2025. Biden will veto any extension of the tax cuts which means everyone’s taxes will go up a total of $3.6 trillion; Trump will sign the extension and keep taxes where they are today. 

There’s not enough time to talk about Biden’s weakness on the foreign stage or the truly hellish national abortion-on-demand law many in the Democratic Party want to pass. If Biden got the chance to replace two conservative Supreme Court justices with two uber-left-wing justices, they would gain a 5-4 majority which could uphold any national abortion rights law passed by a Democratic Congress. 

Anytime a person votes, including Christians, they either cancel out a vote for the other side or they add a vote to their side. If they don’t vote for the candidate nominated by the party which reflects at least 90% of their personal political philosophy and goals, the other side adds an unmatched vote to their tally.  

It is a very binary situation. By not voting for Trump, anyone ― including any devout Christian ― is essentially voting to keep all of Biden’s errant policies in place for another four desultory years.