Free the Internet

Published January 16, 2020

By Ada Fisher

Government is complicit in not reigning in the power of internet media moguls who are potentially brain washing the public and excluding vast numbers of people who can’t afford these critical services.  In all the political hype about monies raised as a way to reach and inform the masses such is not being done.  Rather the voices of the digitally connected and wired are being over represented in public discourse.

To catch a plane, reserve an uber, get hotel discounts and many more expected services one needs not only a photo-ID contrary  to what voter  protectors are trying to say, but one needs a credit card and internet access to confirm reservations.  Trying to contribute to political campaigns or get involved in effective political discourse also requires internet usage for high stakes data collection.  This takeover of data by the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Face book and other media players with internet data means privacy is easily invaded and hacked, absence of security clearances and the undermining of national sovereignty by entities operating indiscriminately across borders without due regard for the best interest of diversity and cultures.

Though some may see Donald J. Trump as a dangerous leader in the world, a closer examination of this title should place Jeff Bezo and his unchecked power to dominate world interest as the largest international threat.  Singlehandedly, Amazon threatens the existence of postal services and with the  proposed possible deployment of drones to do such can place everyone in danger of invasion by mail bots capable of delivery of missiles of destruction, medical terrorism and other unchecked weapons designed to  paralyze and control a world. Alexa and similar echo devices designed to monitor with control of ones environment are largely an unchecked spy network capturing private conversations never intended for public display or sharing data with government agencies without ones consent.  So too is it with I-phones and androids.  Since most of these devices are manufactured overseas by nations such as China, Japan, India, etc. can any sane persons think that these nations cannot tap into the mindset or national ethos of its users.  Talk about a national security risk!?!

The internet experience is critical to so much of our lives from school performance reports about  our children to access for conveniences which make our lives easier.   Not only are cable bills holding us hostage, these companies are allowed to double dip on top of this in charging for advertisements few want to see flooding our senses with much we can do without.  The bait and switch of these companies pollutes the internet where not only the fine print is small and hard to read, much less understand, but automated services make it damn near impossible to talk to an operator and if one is connected, their power to resolve the problem is limited.  

In this era of deregulation, the cable industry as well as telephone companies need forced lower price with controls, conformity with plug-ins with compatible  accessories as well as a better appreciation for the rapidly changing technologies which are pricing average citizens out of communication access.  When there was CBS, NBC and ABC with a sprinkling of public broadcasting, the majority of programming was suitable for families with a range of goodness to stupidity to suit any taste.  Now cable is reprogramming and recycling Andy Griffin, Perry Mason, the Twilight Zone which many of us have already seen plus they’re  charging for it.  Streaming, fire sticks and other media connections are infiltrating our lives with stuff which may not be best for prime time especially when children have possible unadulterated access.

The government’s job is to provide for us that which we can’t do for ourselves.  The airwaves should not be sold to the highest bidder nor should they censure public service announcements which would protect the safety of citizens.  Free the internet and let critical service information stream unimpeded.

Ada M. Fisher, MD, MPH is a licensed teacher, retired Corporate physician, former county school board member, speaker, author of Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Good for What Ails Us and is the NC Republican National Committeewoman.